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Fausto Tito Poza

Curriculum Vitae

  • Audio Tape Authentication.
  • Voice Identification and Acoustic Identification.
  • Transcription Analysis.
  • Bilingual in English and Spanish

B.S. 1959: MIT, Electrical Engineering.
M.S. 1959: MIT, Electrical Engineering.

1971- : Forensic Consultant and Expert Witness.
1986-1990: Consultant to SRI International.
1963-1986: Senior Research Engineer, SRI International.
1962-1963: Research Engineer, Hughes Aircraft Company.
1961-1962: Research Engineer, Space Technology Laboratories.
1959-1961: Instructor, Purdue University.
1958-1959: Research Assistant, MIT.

Since 1971, Mr. Poza has served as a consultant to the law enforcement and legal community in matters of speech science and audio tape analysis. He has testified over 70 times in state and federal courts on such matters as voice identification, acoustic identification, tape authentication and transcription analysis. In 1976 he was appointed technical consultant to the National Academy of Sciences Committee on Evaluation of Sound Spectrograms. This committee was commissioned by the FBI to evaluate the state of the art of speaker identification techniques. Mr. Poza was involved in every phase of the two year study which, in 1979, resulted in the publication of the monograph, "On the Theory and Practice of Voice Identification."

Following his 23 years as a research scientist at SRI International, Mr. Poza continued to serve that organization as a consultant in speech science. Mr. Poza also provides his expertise to GW Instruments of Sommerville, Massachusetts, as a Speech Science consultant for their line of speech software products.

In 1993, Mr. Poza co-authored a 600-page treatise detailing the technical and legal nature of forensic audio recordings, as well as the practice of forensic audio experts. Appearing in Volume 48 of Lawyers Cooperative Publishing's Am Jur Trials, this work represents the most comprehensive, in-depth, and authoritative review of this subject matter ever undertaken. In 1995, Mr. Poza co-authored a related 200 page treatment of Voicegram ("Voiceprint") Identification. This article, which was released in Volume 54 of Lawyers Cooperative Publishing's Am Jur Trials, provides an equally in-depth, comprehensive, and authoritative analysis of forensic Speaker Identification.

Speaker-Independent Continuous Speech Recognition. Designed word spotting algorithms. Designed spectral pre-processing and analysis system to extract robust features.

Semi-automatic Speaker Identification System. Designed interactive computer system for forensic speaker identification.

Investigation of Forensic "Voiceprint" Identification. In cooperation with San Francisco Bay Area law enforcement organizations, examined numerous tape recordings involved in criminal cases. Provided consultation with regard to voice identification and tape recording methodology.

Telephone Communication System for the Deaf. Designed speech recognition system combining the use of commercial devices and robust phonemic class recognition.

Study of Human Sensitivity to Noise. Designed software system and exper-iments to determine the effects of environmental noises on human subjects.

Speaker Verification Research. Carried out feasibility study for a commercial low-bit speaker verification system based on formant tracking.

  • Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE).
  • Audio Engineering Society (AES).

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